Reinvent and revitalise.

Sonn Group has the ability to generate a prolific deal flow, including less marketed opportunities, due to its strong local footprint, rich real asset expertise and capital markets experience. With an on-the-ground approach, Sonn Group is able to actively and closely monitor the growth of our assets. Our portfolio is composed of assets that are truly handpicked through our unique visions, and on which we continuously add value. The assets we acquire are highly versatile, providing the flexibility between quickly turning cashflow by bringing products to the market, and developing premium properties that can be held for attractive long-term income.

What We Look For


Undiscovered Value
From distressed opportunities to under-marketed assets, we seek to discover value through envisioning alternative built environments. Our wealth of experience and industry network enable us to connect the dots efficiently during a due diligence process.


Benchmark Setting
We look for opportunities which have the potential to become the area’s pioneering development project, where we seek to set benchmarks in quality and community impact.


Exit Opportunities
In large scale development projects, we ensure that we have the flexibility to exit or pause the project throughout the development period.

Our Investment Methodology

Location Study
We specialize in high end developments in prime locations, or large-scale developments in up and coming districts where we have the opportunity to set the benchmark for the area.
Product Mix and Price/Cost Feasibility
We follow the market closely and seek to maximize land yield as well as market appeal in our product mix. We spend extensive resources on refining the typology mix with a robust price / cost feasibility.
Cashflow Analysis
We always seek ways to improve project cashflow through finding a balance among pre-sales and joint ventures, and explore these options in the early stage of investment.